Re: Just learning!


-=-I remembered the How To Use An Index drills I had to do when I was in school. -=-

And google blows it all away.
I saw a photo this week, somewhere, of a crowded card-catalog aisle at some library in the early 1960's, maybe.  I remember using the card catalogs at libraries very well.  I remember the feel, the smell, the waiting, on a busy moment, for someone else to finish with the drawer I needed.  I remember writing the call numbers down on little pieces of paper, and knowing that the book might be checked out, or mis-filed, or in oversize but they hadn't indicated it in the card catalog because the shelves had been rearranged since it was cataloged.  

Now people can look at things quickly, and all at the same time. :-)

-=-And the old Apple mainframe computer we used once in a while in the classroom to complete prescribed lessons on How A Computer May Be Properly Used, and how huge that computer was compared to what we have now!!-=-

Big on the outside, but probably couldn't do what your iPad can do. :-)
There were computer use lessons sometimes in the 1980's that were on paper.  There was a computer in the classroom, but before someone was allowed to touch it, they needed to pass the test about how to turn it on and to access a program, which was all paper-and-pencil.    What a contrast to the hole in the wall experiment in India!


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