Re: Just learning!

tandos mama <tori.arpad.cotta@...>

I love hearing stories of kids (or people of any age!) claiming their own learning!

After the first couple of encounters with adults asking about school we talked about why so many adults assume all kids are school. Obi tells them, "I'm lucky; I learn everywhere!" Linka, if she feels like answering, is more prone to sharing a quiet secret about what she learns from spending time with sheep or spiders.

I've been reading here since our kids (now 6 yr olds) were babies and I came to trust that the parents of grown unschooled kids knew what they were talking about when they described how their kids learned. It is truly awesome to experience our kids learning. Reading and swimming (two activities that many folks believe must be taught) arose spontaneously, easily, with joyful confidence. The corresponding joy my husband and I feel----immeasurable!

Many thanks to all of you who share here! This list is a gift.


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