Re: Moving from rules to principles


It is scary at first. You're thinking of it as a ten-car pile up at high speeds, it seems!

-=-I am struggling with figuring out how to apply the "Read a little, try a little,
wait a while, watch," to this. Is it best to just stop talking about rules and
start talking about principles as situations occur or is it best to talk about
it with Grace? -=-

Gradually, without fanfare, be more positive and more supportive of her desires and requests.

Here is an antidote to your no-speed-limits fear. It's called "The Beautiful Park," by Robyn Coburn. It's about people getting off bicycles to walk. I think it could replace your fearful background with something gentle and peaceful.

Read about why, and what others have seen.
Try it a little.
Don't expect her not to think you're crazy at first; wait a while.
Watch her reaction. Feel your own thoughts. Lay your fears out to dry in the air and sunshine.

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