Re: This discussion, and its anniversary


Pam Sorooshian wrote:

I don't know of anywhere else outside of a therapeutic relationship where
you can get this kind of direct, critical, and honest feedback. Over the
years, I have very often been amazed at the insights expressed here.


I have been practicing Buddhist meditation at a centre near me for two years now. The teachers there are from a Dzogchen lineage which supports a transformative approach to Buddhism rather than the usual (in the West) renunciative.

Some have been curious why I have not chosen to "take refuge", which is a little ceremony to declare that you trust that the dharma (Buddhist teachings) are your "bottom line" in how you choose to live your life. Most people who stick around the centre do so after a few months. Well, for me, I have a second, secular, bottom line, and that is the wisdom of this list.

In fact, the two are telling the same truths. I was in a class the other night. First there were quotes from the Song of the Owl Headed Dakini ( - a Dzogchen interpreatation of the five precepts for anyone interested). Then there was some discussion around the Buddhist philosophy, and finally the nitty gritty of what this means in everyday life. At that point I recognised, as so often, the voices from this list – Sandra, Meredith, Pam etc.

At the heart of Dzogchen Buddhism is the experiential knowledge of the non-duality of emptiness and form, and their constant exquisite interplay through energy. Emptiness can be experienced through wisdom and form through active compassion. In everyday parlance these are recognised as awareness and kindness. And where do I hear these concepts discussed on a daily basis? Here of course!

That's why I do not take refuge exclusively in the teachings of the Buddha, because I see the teachings there, and on this list, to be beautifully complimentary. This list supports my growth as a person in exactly the same direction as my meditation practice does.

Thank you Sandra, and everyone, for your continued wisdom, helping me be the best I can.

DS1(10) and DS2(7)

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