Re: Breastfeeding for comfort


----I don't know of anywhere else outside of a therapeutic relationship where you can get this kind of direct, critical, and honest feedback.----

While I was growing up, I used to get this type of feedback when my family went to 'sangat' - small fellowships in the Sikh faith where in part people learn about living with kindness and integrity. Sikhism believes that we are all on a path to reunite with the source (God) and for this to happen, you need to become kinder and more compassionate. "Direct, critical, and honest feedback" was highly valued and appreciated.

My family used to regularly travel to India to a Sikh ashram where we were encouraged to examine our thoughts and words. The philosophy there was that helping one another grow into more loving, mindful people is one of the greatest acts of service one can do. Some of the most valuable skills that I learned in life and use every day were learned in the fellowship and ashram.

I was frequently reminded that 'thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become your character and your character becomes your destiny'. My dad was gifted at helping me be more thoughtful with my words and actions, and make better choices. He was the kindest person I knew.

This list is especially dear to me because my dad passed away before I had children. Often when I read here, I realize the advice is probably similar to something my dad would have suggested. Reading here makes me feel closer to him. For me, Always Learning feels like my fellowship.


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