Re: Learning to read on the list


This is the biggest paragraph I've read for years. It's like that enchanted bag Hermione's carrying in The Deathly Hallows.

-=-Sandra had a presence - she was soft-spoken, articulate, and obviously knew what she was talking about. I had been reading from other lists and feeling much better because there was no confrontational style among the writers. It was gentle encouragement and suggestions and I loved it and felt more secure in my decision to unschool. However, after I listened to her talk, I realized that I had been spending my limited time and energy following the advice of people who had much less experience. Unschooling is difficult to understand and some people are not doing it well and still giving advice to others. Others cannot express the ideas as clearly. I realized I needed to follow the advice of people with A LOT of experience and wisdom. I had to be more discerning about what and where I was reading. I felt safer being with 'supportive' people who would not hurt my feelings, but I wasn't learning fast enough and clearly enough how to be a better unschooling mother. My children were growing older all the time, but my learning was hindered because I wanted to avoid looking too deeply within myself.-=-

It refers to the whole history of this list, the one before it, and some that have sprung from this and those. It references two decades of the lives of unschoolers I could name, and five or six years of the lives of some others. It touches on every criticism that has ever come up from people who want to change the list to be what they imagined it should be.

If there were a Room of Requirement for new unschoolers (now that Harry Potter's world is in my head), how many people would enter a room of soothing sound and comfy chairs, not knowing what unschooling actually does "require"?

I put a new page on my site yesterday, and rushed the finishing of it so when people clicked the link from Just Add Light they would get the "finished" page. It's not finished forever, but finished for now:

It made me think, while I was working on it, that maybe the next level of "completion" of my site will be when every question anyone might imagine will lead to a page that introduces the site to them from that angle. I've been trying to have three links from any page I put there, which is a reasonable prairie-dog-village design. If each hole leads to three tunnels...

Some people don't want "to read all that," and they'll say "just tell me what I have to do."
Then the next person to come along will say "Don't tell me what to do; I don't have to do anything you say."

So my plan is to keep doing what I've been doing until I don't do it anymore for some reason.

-=-For me, this list is like being in a graduate class at university about unschooling. A rapid flow of ideas, critical examination of those ideas and the encouragement to really think your thoughts through. -=-

If anyone got money for Christmas and hasn't decided what to do with it, there are $51-$70ish hotel rooms waiting for anyone who comes to the Ace Festival (a VERY small kind of conference) this weekend. We could discuss some of these things in person.

I'm thinking of doing something at that hotel in the fall or winter, whenever Schuyler and David Waynforth can get away, if they can, to come to New Mexico for a week or so. So if you can't come here this weekend, consider the October-through January window, when I'll probably be inviting people again. I'm thinking of calling it Always Learning--In Person.


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