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dola dasgupta-banerji

I feel that is the key too when kids his age come to play and Yes I too have
noticed that he does get along really well with this particular boy who is 9
years old and is Gourika's friend too . He is happy to be just with this boy
and is alright if he does not have any other friends. This other boy is
gentle and kind with him and Ishaan too relates to him better since this boy
can understand his ideas and play ways.

I also feel all of you are right about "me locking myself into a room." I
will stop this right a way.

The other suggestion that I keep his playdate to twice a week even if it is
only this particular boy, that is fine and alright.

Thank you for these amazing insights.


On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 7:50 PM, Sandra Dodd <Sandra@...> wrote:

-=-But I too feel it does get a bit out of hand at times when Ishaan just

screams or throws things around when no one wants to play his game. Any
suggestions how to handle it better and more effectively...-=-

My suggestion is not to do this: " I generally close

myself into my study and let them use the rest of the house except my

Be there where the kids are. Maybe organize something yourself--a game, or
playdough, or snacks and a video. Be right there to protect your guests from
the short-tempered child, and to help coach him to be a good host. But don't
leave him to be the sole host. You be the hostess and organizer and

"Almost five" is still four years old, and that's too young to leave him
alone with other kids that age. But if you can find older boys (or girls) to
play with him, then do that instead! Kids playing with other kids their own
age is more about school than about anything. Under normal human
circumstances, it's not likely there will be a large number of kids of the
very same age in one place. A range of ages is better. Kids should learn
from older people, not from other kids.


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