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One time my very beloved Aunt told me that I needed to discipline my kids more. They were not misbehaving so I am not sure why she said that. I told her "Oh Auntie every morning I give them a spankin for anything they may do during the day." Then she said "oh no don't do that." She raised two amazing boys. Her son told me later that day that what she said was funny because she never "disciplined" them. Now my two sons are wonderful teens who I love to be around so I feel like I am doing something right.

I had another "Aunt" who was really my moms best friend who loved to tell me all I was doing wrong with my kids. She spanked. punished and constantly pushed her kids. One was killed as a teen in a drug deal gone bad and I was a mean drunk. There was no way I would take parenting advice from her.


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what a joy to be reading these posts now..the out of town family is gone, and the family that remains is whole --and tho there is a small hole in their going, we are filled with love, --there is also relief.

Our guests, the 'teachers' hating yet believing in the public education system - (one active, one retired) they have no ability to fathom our choices and way of life ------ this was our first Christmas together in my home--- it was lovely ---we just lived our life and did not change or challege or defend.

at one point I overheard one of our out of towners state with great dismay to my mother (we all live together)

Liz NEVER disciplines him (my son) she never disciplines him at all! Children need disciplining you know...

to which my mother asked, "Why?"

long pause......and the out of towner was left with a very perplexed look upon her face and no answer......

I love this group! thank you for being here in cyber space.

Liz, the undisciplinarian lol

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