Re: Does Radical Unschooling always result in "Good" children?

Pam Sorooshian <pamsoroosh@...>

So, I'm curious. Are there any Radically Unschooled children, who
have grown up, who are not 'good' people? Who cheat, steal, treat
people badly, lie, etc...?
Unschooling families have their problems, too, that can lead to their kids having problems. If someone is looking for a guarantee that their kids will "turn out" great, sorry, but there are no guarantees. First, life circumstances can throw any family into turmoil. Second, unschooling parents can have their own baggage that impacts their children in negative ways.

Unlike conventional parenting and conventional schooling, unschooling doesn't set kids up to lie, cheat, and steal, though. So, other things equal, I like our odds.


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