Does Radical Unschooling always result in "Good" children?

shirarocklin <shirarocklin@...>

Ok, the title has a lot of assumptions, but that was the easiest way I could think to describe what I am asking. I know 'good' is not a great choice of words there. What I am trying to ask is actually this:

We hear on this list, and others, and Sandra's website, and many other RUers websites, etc about all the great kids who have come through this lifestyle. And that is really wonderful. But critics could come along and say to me, "Sure, the great cases are what's talked about... but what about the bad cases?" And I think they ask partly because so much of this is anecdotal, unschoolers don't seem to be 'studied,' there isn't much in the way of statistical evidence (or is there? please point me to it!). Homeschooling study results probably don't even apply to RUers.

So, I'm curious. Are there any Radically Unschooled children, who have grown up, who are not 'good' people? Who cheat, steal, treat people badly, lie, etc...?

Is it possible for someone to grow up to turn out that way with the RU set of principles in place? With parents who are genuinely 'good'?


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