Re: New Member with lots of questions...

Christy <christy@...>

< My suggestion to you is to focus on making a "better" choice each time
you can. I think that was the most helpful advice I got as a parent of
younger kids - it was surprisingly practical and encouraging to simply
consider at least two choices and pick the better one. The next time,
try to think of the one you did choose and then one other - pick the
better one. If you make a choice you're unhappy with, after the fact,
think then about what would have been a better choice - have that one
"on hand" for next time.>

Thank you, Pam, for this suggestion...I like the simplicity of this statement. Not that any of this is simple, but I think I can always focus on making a better choice for my children and look at each situation needing it's own response...

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