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But you will build up a new self-image as a parent that will drift farther
and farther away from these concerns, where you will have the confidence to
know what is right. And then you'll see more clearly what other people are
doing that undermines their relationships with their children, and rather than
feeling insecure you might even feel some pity towards them, because you can
see where they are headed.


Thanks so much for these thoughts, Joanna, and to everyone else who's
responded to my query. I'm taking baby steps at present and glad for all the
advice and reassurance here.

Regarding the adults who questioned my decision, their response was less
deliberately critical - more puzzled and lacking understanding. At present, I
don't think I have the confidence, experience or vocabulary to enlighten
them, but hopefully this will change as we relax (at last!) into life away from


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