Re: Balance

Joanna Murphy <ridingmom@...>

Thank you all so much for the advice - it's really appreciated. I must
admit this was my gut instinct, and my daughter's already gone to 3 rehearsals
without me there. But I have been feeling increasingly undermined by the
other adults there (who I see when I drop Jess off and pick her up). They've
made it clear that they see me as a total wimp because I acquiesced to my
child's wishes.
As I read this, it brings me back to feeling this way in the beginnings of unschooling. The more you shift the way you think about things, the less this stuff will bug you. It bugs you more right now because you don't have the track record yet of looking back and seeing the power (vs. wimpiness) that these decisions will have in your relationship with your daughter.

But you will build up a new self-image as a parent that will drift farther and farther away from these concerns, where you will have the confidence to know what is right. And then you'll see more clearly what other people are doing that undermines their relationships with their children, and rather than feeling insecure you might even feel some pity towards them, because you can see where they are headed.


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