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Don't know if this has been suggested or not, yet, but you may want to
try raw milk. Depending on where you live, it can be legal to sell in
stores or not. In MD, we get it from a farmer in PA who delivers to our
area (slightly illegal, I guess but he covers his butt by labeling the
food "for cats and dogs-pet food"). It's ridiculous but that's what has
to be done (regarding the labeling). Anyway, many people who have
trouble with pasteurized milk do just fine with raw. It has to do with
the fact that pasteurization involves heating milk to a certain degree
which destroys natural enzymes which aid in digestion. I have more info
that I can email you personally, and anyone else interested.

Best wishes,
~Melissa :-)

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I too tried the lactose free milk - didn't work. I, then tried soy based
dairy product replacements.
After a short time they bothered me too, though I seemed to be able to
more of it before the
symptoms would start. I did some research and back then what I found
suggested that it's the protein
part of the casein that was the problem which is why I also couldn't
tolerate soy (had the same protein

I learned of my dairy issues a year or two before beginning to learn
unschooling. I remember
really being negative with myself for not being able to instantly stop
eating all the 'bad' foods. When
unschooling a parent also changes how they think in their head to
themselves. It helped to listen to
my body instead of internally fighting with myself in my head and
all the body clues. For me
there is some kind of connection with my dairy reactions and how much
fat is
in the product I'm eating.
The more fat the quicker and tougher my digestive reaction seems to be.

This last year I've suspected I also have a wheat 'intolerance' now and
possibly other common ones
like corn. They don't obviously affect my digestive system like milk
why I say intolerance and
not allergy. It's mostly how I feel tired and the stuffy or runny nose
the time when eating wheat products.
Strangely I have found after not eating wheat or dairy until the
disappear that when I do eat any
dairy product my tolerance of how much I can eat has definitely
I always get the intolerance
symptoms but the digestive system seems much stronger(?).

So there must be some kind of connection with what else is eaten or how
the digestive system is
as well as the culprit food. This could be one of the explanations of
sometimes there are symptoms
and sometimes there are not for some people with food issues, as well as
sometimes the amount tolerated
can be different.

Among people who don't unschool or know how to listen to their bodies
if/when I mention any of these food
issues I have, I usually have responses of disbelief that I could have
figured so much out about how my body
responds in these ways. I find that a bit strange! ;-)



Thanks for the info Pam. I'll definitely give it a try. Lilly tried
lactose free milk once and she still got diarrhea. I've read that the
casein in milk is the problem for some people and she was having
difficulties at the same time (back before we figured out what it was
when her digestive tract was backed up) which is one symptom of a casein
allergy but it would seem to me if it were a true allergy that she would
have the symptoms each time she ate it. I've never had her tested for
She just figured out what she could tolerate and what she could not. I
think she'd be willing to try this product though if she could eat more
dairy without worrying about what it would do to her. Thanks for the

My dd just asked me what I was writing and I told her it was about
kids a choice over what they eat even when I makes them feel sick. Her
response was something like,"Why wouldn't someone let their kid choose?
It's their body after all!"

My kids see traditional parenting on TV mostly and aren't exposed to
mentality very often in real life. They really don't get why people
their kids so much. We talk about it but I'm sure it just seems foreign
them because they don't get exposed to it very often.

It floors me that that girl who killed herself based on the fake myspace
(mother of girl next door.that's been in the news) was only 13 years old
she cared so much about what this boy, that she had never met, thought
her. My girls are 12 and 13 (almost 14) and its interesting to watch
interact with people on multi player role playing games because when
turns on them and gets mean, they quickly put it behind them and move
on. I
actually feel worse and dwell on things like that more than they do.
are strong and sure of themselves and other people's opinions of them
don't matter unless they have a lot of respect for the person.


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