Re: scheduling time


-=-My question concerns conflicting
interests of my children at times and how to deal with them. If one
wants to go somewhere, say an event with a set time, and the other
isn't really into leaving the house at the particular time of the event
because they are involved in something, what would be a good way to
deal with the situation? -=-

Find another family to leave one with, or a babysitter, or find an
activity when the dad is home, or start preparing early to get out of
the house, or do another activity on the way there that the secondary
kid DOES want to do, or invite a third child to go with you to change
the dynamics.

Those are some of the things I've done. Mine were five, three and

Another thing to remember is to make it ALL happy and funny and
comfortable and exciting so that they want to be with you. Be sparkly.


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