Re: Need some good responses to my husband's concerns


-=-Unschooled kids *do* let us know what interests them even when it's
outside of the things we're showing them. They may not jump directly
to programming but they will be asking questions about how people
get things to do things. And it grows from there as we find ways to
answer their questions, and find others to answer their questions
when the need more than we can provide.-=-

I can't tell all this in full detail. It would take thousands of
words. But a peek:

Today Marty and I were standing in the kitchen talking about carnival
games, traditional games and how they're designed to cheat people and
how someone can be allowed to win (usually a physical manipulation of
the mechanisms) to encourage others in. Then we talked about the
gambling games on NeoPets. A slot machine game he liked has
disappeared in the past week. We talked about how the programming of
those games isn't random, but winning is way more likely than in real
games (especially when real games can make winning even LESS likely
than random).

The mail came. I had forgotten I had ordered some little tricks and
toys from a site I came across looking for something or other.
Wonder Workshops, Retro Toys and Science Amusements.

wonderworks... [the site is gone now; sorry]

So we played with those things, which were also physically
manipulated trick-things.

That all "just happened," but it happened because we've been building
up to it with our whole lives and our whole style of communicating
and living together in a constant state of open curiosity.

The reason I was thinking of the carnival games is that the other day
Holly and I talked about suicide and how many people I've known who
committed suicide. One was a guy named Nick who was in the SCA and
used to work at a carnival and knew which of the games were
Renaissance-old or older, and how to construct and operate them. I
hadn't thought of Nick for a long time but Holly's boyfriend's ex
girlfriend's husband had killed himself in Arizona. Nick, too, was
from Arizona (I didn't mention that to them, but I'm telling you now.)

Once you start looking for connections and welcoming them, it creates
a kind of flow that builds and grows.


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