Validity (was Re: TV)

indymediaroom <indymediaroom@...>

Thank you all for your perspectives on the topic. I have enjoyed the thought provoking
stories and opinions you have shared. I have learned more about being a parent and
unschooler. But there are always more questions...

Pat Farenga on defines unschooling as: allowing children as much
freedom to learn in the world, as their parents can comfortably bear. That is why I choose
to unschool - FREEDOM! Why do you choose to unschool?


--- In, Sandra Dodd <Sandra@...> wrote:

-=-Maybe "valid decision" was the wrong phrase to use! I simply meant
that if someone decides not to have a television in their home that's
fine with me-=-

It's fine with me if they're not insulting unschoolers with it.
It's fine with me if it's not in an unschooling context.

I feel sorry for the kids of parents who make unilateral decisions
regardless of their kids' preferences or desires. There are millions
of them, though, so I don't dwell on it. I hang out on unschooling
lists where it's rare to find parents like that.


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