Re: TV


-=-Let me clarify somewhat--It seems that certain commercials which
air on stations that are geared toward children try to make it seem
as though kids need this or that toy in order to be fantastically
happy. -=-

Are you ever watching with them and discussing the commercials?

-=-, my children will say "Can we get that?" and when I say no, ...-=-

Do you always say no?
There are some ideas on not saying no so much. And it doesn't mean
anything at all like "buy everything."

-=-sometimes after viewing these commercials, my children will say
"Can we get that?" and when I say no, and explain why I made that

If it's always unilaterally the parents' decision, that can be a
problem, too.
The more respect children are given, the more they'll have.

-=-. I guess my point is that if they weren't bombarded with
advertising during their favorite programs, I wouldn't occasionally
have to go through this discussion....-=-

"Bombarded" is a loaded word."

that I mind having discussions with them, I guess it has more to do
with helping them get to a place where they can understand that
sometimes what you see isn't what you get, or to help them understand
that just because you want something doesn't mean that it is wise to
get it. -=-

They won't understand that from words as well as they will from
experience and maybe a little disappointment. Part of what will help
them get to that place is age, and they get older every day. Maybe
when you see a commercial for something more neutral, like laundry
soap or frozen pizza or whatever, you could point out the
surrounding messages--beautiful houses, kids with matching clothes,
whatever it might be that is appealing but has nothing to do with the
pizza or soap. If you do it just conversationally and not in a
damning or critical tone of voice, it will help them see commercials
differently without making them feel shamed or belittled for liking
some commercials.

I LOVE the Mac-and-PC dialog Mac commercials. They're really good.
It doesn't hurt that Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies or
that I've used Macs for nearly 20 years.

-=-. It's just that sometimes I don't feel the need to discuss a
commercial relating to drugs that treat genital herpes to my kids,
but maybe that's just me!-=-

No way they want genital herpes just because they saw it on TV!

But once Marty asked me about plastic surgery, when he was little
(seven maybe? eight?). They had seen a preview for a talk show about
kids wanting plastic surgery, and I guess they wondered whether they
should be wanting some too. <g>

All of those things are the kinds of learning situations that can
make unschooling fantastic.


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