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Melody Flurry <imagine1harmony@...>

I see your point. Maybe "valid decision" was the wrong phrase to use! I simply meant that if someone decides not to have a television in their home that's fine with me, just don't try to convince me that I shouldn't have one in mine. I use my TV for educational and entertainment purposes, and if someone thinks that TV is bad and they try to convince me that I am somehow harming my children by having one then I don't appreciate that.

The whole TV discussion reminds me of seeing Ted Danson (Sam from "Cheers") in an interview once where he said that he never had a TV in his home when he was growing up, and I think it's kind of amusing that he became a huge TV star in adulthood.


Sandra Dodd <Sandra@...> wrote:
-=-Not having a television in the home is a decision some parents
make, and I think it is a valid decision-=-

"Valid" in what context?
It's legal, but if it's limiting and superstitious and controlling,
it's not "valid" in light of the principles of the kind of
unschooling that's been discussed on this list for many years.

Using cardboard as roofing tiles might be "a valid decision" under
certain circumstances.

Not eating any food that's yellow might be "a valid decision,"
depending on the intent and purpose and result.

First one needs to decide on principles and intent, and *then*
actions can be judged better or worse in that context.

Without context, there can't be "validity."


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