Re: TV


People could live as the Amish do, refusing to have TV, automobiles,
OMG! I was just thinking that!

TV and internet ARE of the world; they are part of the real world.
Well they are for us for sure!!!!! Note the exclamation points. I
remember growing up without tv and internet, but I wouldn't subject
that onto my kids. I've done the whole tv debate in my head over and
over because of not growing up with tv. Ultimately, it's about
choosing to do things and experiencing things that you find enjoyment
and value in.

I would never take that away from my kids and assume they wouldn't want
it, just because we didn't have it. If someone chooses not to have a
tv before they have kids and continues not having a tv after they have
kids, somewhere along the way, the kid's gonna want to know about tv.

Are they going to get that knowledge from the parents with support and
love or are they going to get it elsewhere. That same thing can be
applied to just about everything in life.

A lot of people we know personally don't let their kids watch tv, or
read manga. I can't even imagine doing that to my daughter without
causing a serious rift in our relationship! I love my kids and support
their interests, if something makes me uncomfortable, it's me, not them
that needs to examine that, preferably quuetly in my head. I have
learned so much through my kids, purely by allowing, or more supporting
their interests.

I really can't imagine villifying anything in their lives that they
might find very exciting. Well, I can imagine it, so I guess that's
why I don't do it.

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