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Betsy <> wrote:
<<<I wonder if this varies by how one's brain is wired or what one's
preferred learning style is.

I'm a very visual learner. Bedtime stories put me to sleep almost
immediately. My son is very auditory and has never fallen asleep while
I was still reading. My husband is very auditory and chooses to nap in
front of the TV set. I can't fall asleep with the TV on unless I'm
especially sleepy. But when I feel ill, I like to curl up and sleep on
the couch listening to National Public Radio at barely audible level.
Clearly the people in my family respond differently to different media.>>>

I've noticed that with Jaiden(5) he seems to be a kinesthetic(did I spell that right?) learner. He doesn't like to sit and be read to. He fig-its and bounces and just can't get into laying or sitting together and reading. He loves books on tape, tv, videos, sometimes he asks me to read to him while he plays, but not very often. That way he can play and incorporate what he's listening to in his games.

Avery(2) loves music. Any thing musical will capture his interest and hold it. He also will be intensely physical, running in circles, jumping off of everything he can climb on top of, singing...then suddenly stop and lay in front of the tv and watch something with total fascination, then get up run some more. It's very strange and at times a bit startling, but it's the way he seems to process information.

I do think that everyone learns and processes information differently. It's one of the many reasons I'm so glad that we discovered unschooling. My kids get the chance to discover themselves and the best way to learn and live for themselves, with out me or anyone else trying to force them to do things the "correct" (contrived schooly) way.


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