Re: tv watching

Kris <louisa@...>

I would have the TV on 24/7, it's not the medium, it's my need for more than
one thing going on at the same time. When I was in college I had to be
doing something with my hands during a lecture, if I'm watching TV I'm
usually doing something else too, even reading. If I'm forced to do one
thing my mind tends to wander and I get antsy.

Both of my kids turn the TV off if given a chance, they both tend to need
one thing to focus on at a time. It's about who we are, not some magical
addictive allure of the television set.


<<> But you will still watch a tv show you find boring?

Sometimes. And I don't tend to be an addictive personality, which is one of
the reasons I attribute this phenomenon to the medium and not me. But, as
Nanci said, there are people with more addictive personalities - and those
with super sensitivities - and so they might need even more help with these
issues. I have a son who is both addictive and sensitive and he needs more
guidance - that is, talking, questioning, processing, not "banning" - than
my daughter.


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