Re: tv watching

Paula Sjogerman

on 10/18/03 2:21 PM, averyschmidt at wrote:

You continue to watch tv/stay online past the point that you want to
do so? If I have that right that's pretty interesting.
What was your tv situation like when you were growing up?
Did you have the freedom to watch as much as you wanted to?
Yup. No limits. Watched tons of tv.

This has never happened to me with a book. I will stay up way too
late to
finish a great book, but have no problem putting down a book that
is boring.

But you will still watch a tv show you find boring?

Sometimes. And I don't tend to be an addictive personality, which is one of
the reasons I attribute this phenomenon to the medium and not me. But, as
Nanci said, there are people with more addictive personalities - and those
with super sensitivities - and so they might need even more help with these
issues. I have a son who is both addictive and sensitive and he needs more
guidance - that is, talking, questioning, processing, not "banning" - than
my daughter.


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