Re: tv watching

Betsy <ecsamhill@...>

<<Tv lowers the brain waves to the pre-sleep state, so things that are going
in hypnoticcally and it's really hard to make a conscious choice to turn it
off. >>

I've read this in two books, and heard it parotted by "educators,"
but I haven't seen it seem true with kids who weren't limited.<<

I wonder if this varies by how one's brain is wired or what one's prefered learning style is.

I'm a very visual learner. Bedtime stories put me to sleep almost immediately. My son is very auditory and has never fallen asleep while I was still reading. My husband is very auditory and choses to nap in front of the TV set. I can't fall asleep with the TV on unless I'm especially sleepy. But when I feel ill, I like to curl up and sleep on the couch listening to National Public Radio at barely audible level. Clearly the people in my family respond differently to different media.


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