Tangent about Dirty Dancing and Music, was TV - question,...

Nanci K. <aisliin@...>

One of Dd's all-time favorites is "Pretty Woman," and another
is "Flashdance," and yet another that she has watched many times
is "Dirty Dancing."
Funny thing, but my 5 year old son's all time favorite movie (has
been for about 2 years) is Dirty Dancing (which he calls "Baby"
after Jennifer Grey's character.) He doesn't get squirmy or turn
away from the one real sex scene in the movie, but then it's very
implied and artfully done and not graphic at all. He often says
(like if we're reading a book or watching a show where little boys
say Ewwww! or something about kissing) "I like kissing! Kissing is
nice. So is cuddling." He's very physically affectionate that
way. We call him our Cuddlebug.

But what I think he really loves in that movie is the music, and the
dancing. He wants to sing and dance and play music. It's his
passion. How we wish we could get him a piano!! He's wanted one
since he was 2. You should see how rapt and mezmerized he gets
whenever we are around live music (a fair amount in our artsy
community) and how he makes friends with the musicians and soon has
them showing him notes scooching over on their piano bench for him.
I love the way he lays his palm or his cheek against an instrument
when they let him (bass, piano, guitar, etc) to FEEL the music.

Nanci K.

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