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<< I'm an adult and I've experienced this with both the television and the
computer. I can and do turn them off, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't
hard sometimes. >>

Hard because you're hynotized by 600 black dots, or hard because it's

It's hard for me to leave a bar or restaurant where there's live music I'm
enjoying. I don't know if the very next song is going to be one I don't want to

It's hard for me to leave a restaurant when I'm having fun with friends or
family and there's still anything left in my glass (tea, soda, anything). I'm
not mesmerized, I'm engaged.

I have to force myself to put a book down, lots of times.

I often sit in the car with the radio on until a good stopping place in the

When I visit friends, I'm rarely anxious to go home.

When I get seeds off the morning glory vines (which I've been doing lately,
because first I wanted to give my sister some, and now we're planning to "plan
t" Holly a playhouse next year, a flower-bower), I have a hard time telling
myself "that's the last one, come back tomorrow," and I'm usually right to
stay--I find a few more that would have dumped themselves on the ground by the next
day if I hadn't gotten them.

<<I'm not advocating big TV limits, but I do think that some people need more
help regulating than others.>>

Do you really think television itself is physically holding on to people, and
that it's not their interest in the program or their avoidance of the thing
(whatever it might be) that their mom is wanting them to do instead?


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