Re: tv watching

Paula Sjogerman

on 10/18/03 11:12 AM, at wrote:

<< Tv is a series of 600 black dots that light up in sequence over and over.
This is damaging to the brain development to children under age 7. >>

Says who?

And what about the computer screen? Same CRT technology, right? Without the
benefit of music an d good acting.

<<Tv lowers the brain waves to the pre-sleep state, so things that are going
in hypnoticcally and it's really hard to make a conscious choice to turn it
off. >>

I've read this in two books, and heard it parotted by "educators," but I
haven't seen it seem true with kids who weren't limited.

I'm an adult and I've experienced this with both the television and the
computer. I can and do turn them off, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't
hard sometimes. I think it's doing some parents a disservice to say that
that their kids might not experience this also. It might not be universally
true for all humans, but it could be true for some.

I'm not advocating big TV limits, but I do think that some people need more
help regulating than others.


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