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<< Tv is a series of 600 black dots that light up in sequence over and over.
This is damaging to the brain development to children under age 7. >>

Says who?

And what about the computer screen? Same CRT technology, right? Without the
benefit of music an d good acting.

<<Tv lowers the brain waves to the pre-sleep state, so things that are going
in hypnoticcally and it's really hard to make a conscious choice to turn it
off. >>

I've read this in two books, and heard it parotted by "educators," but I
haven't seen it seem true with kids who weren't limited.

I've seen kids dance and talk and run to the other room to get me to show me
something, and if it's hard to make a choice to turn it off, it's for the same
reason it's hard to put a good book down. The mind is engaged, not asleep.

The tests I've read about that some of that "research" was based on was
putting daycare or school kids in a room pointed at a program chosen by the re
searcher, and they were wired up and told "watch this."

It wasn't real kids in the real world making a choice to watch something or

Please don't believe all the research you see which is designed to support
schools' agendas.

For example, Sesame Street: Educational research created Sesame Street for
sound reasons. Also Schoolhouse Rock came out of the same research, and they
were popular AND effective.

Then a few years later, educational reasearch turned on Sesame Street, to try
to blame it for "short attention span," which was bullshit. Sesame Street
was created to make learning easier for kids, theoretically so school would be
easier for them (and thereby success in life, yada yada).

But school had been kinda counting on kids being ignorant. Kids who don't
already KNOW their numbers and letters might possibly sit still for a boring
long lesson. Kids with no other option for learning letters will carve them
out on a wax slate that has to be re-melted on a wood stove that night, but
those days are LONG, long gone, and to rein kids in from cutting edge opportunity
(these days, computer games) is selfish cruelty on the part of adults who
don't want to lose their audience for their lame old-timey presentations.

There never was a uniformly ignorant kindergarten class anyway, but if the
teachers can blame a few parents that's limited. (Parents are told "don't teach
these things at home, because he'll be ahead of the other kids and that's
hard on kids.") But if they can find one big scapegoat like Children's
Television Workshop and heap blame on THEM, a few people get master's degrees or PhDs
for their "research," which gets them out of the classroom and into the
administration, and schools are "better served."

As unschoolers we don't have to buy into their stuff, and that anti-TV
propaganda is part and parcel of their "science."


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