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<< I keep forgetting that unschooled kids won't necessarily react the same
way as I did in situations involving money.

Nor about just about anything else, I've found with mine.

I reported here a while back that the first week Kirby had his license and I
was letting him go out and he had the go to be gone overnight or all day, he
kept coming back!!

If I had permission to be out until midnight when I was a teenager, I would
NOT have risked stopping by the house for anything, lest my mom take it back.
And if I had permission to be out overnight, I would have stayed out overnight
even if I had to sleep in the car, because such freedoms were rare.

So there was Kirby, in his own bed, the first night he had permission to keep
the car out overnight.

He said he was too long for his friend's couch now, and it just wasn't going
to be comfortable. When he had gotten tired, he wanted to sleep in his own



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