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My kids, 10 and 15 have tv freedom. I talk to the 10yo about things that I feel necessary, but that trust factor takes over in the end. I trust that she's working something out that I don't know or understand at that moment. I think they sometimes want to see how awful people can treat each other at a safe distance and live vicariously.

They both watch more than I would like, lots of days we (thier dad and I) ask them to turn it off so we can have some quiet. That is about us and what our need is at the moment rather than a judgement about tv or their behavior. (The tv is placed pretty centrally for when we all want to watch - probably not the best place for it.)

Tv lowers the brain waves to the pre-sleep state, so things that are going in hypnoticcally and it's really hard to make a conscious choice to turn it off. But afterwards, the 10yo will realize that that isn't how she wants to spend her time and she sees how addicting it can be.

Tv is a series of 600 black dots that light up in sequence over and over. This is damaging to the brain development to children under age 7.

My parents were tv addicts and we "slept" through my childhood with the tv on every waking moment. I still feel sad about that.


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