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Fetteroll <fetteroll@...>

on 10/16/03 11:23 PM, Kathy at wrote:

Are there any other unschoolers out there that are living TV
If your whole family has decided not to have TV then is there anything to

What if someone had written:

For a multitide of reasons my family does not own any books & we have no
intention of getting any anytime soon. I understand the idea
of not restricting the time or content of book reading if you have them, but
we don't.

If *your family* has decided they don't want TV then that's what your family

But if by "my family" you mean you and your husband, then what you're
wanting to discuss is restricting children's access to a resource. And it's
no different than discussing restricting access to books or the internet.

If someone doesn't have TV reception and cable is beyond their means, then
it's useful to discuss ways that kids to get access to the world beyond
their horizons.


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