Re: Teen crushes

meghan anderson <moonmeghan@...>

<<<<Ah, now see, I always wonder if we can tell things
about each other by
we had crushes on as young to middle teens.>>>>

I had a major crush on David Bowie (still do as a
matter of fact!). It started when I was 8 and my older
half sister took me to the Ziggy Stardust concert. I
also had crushes on Chachi, One of the Ramones (can't
remember which one), Ozzy Osbourne, and Jimmy Page
among many others (primarily musicians!). I usually
liked people that were considered odd in some way!
I liked Peter from the Monkees 'cause he always made
me laugh.
George was my favorite Beatle (always so quiet and
good looking!)

Meghan :-) who still likes the odd ones!

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