Kids and spirituality


I am not a particularly spiritual person and neither is my husband.
It was never our intention to keep religion or spirituality from our son
and most of our family members and friends are practicing members of
some religious organization. We have always tried to answer his
questions in a non biased way, ( I hope we succeeded ) and if he had
specific questions we tried to find answers.
I recently found some books on different faiths and they have been

Well, here it is. My son is becoming a spiritual person. He recently
lost both his grandfathers. He was close to both of them and close to
their deaths as well as they were in our care at home during their final
illnesses. This may have a good deal to do with his pondering's lately,
I know.

He's not troubled, only curious. I know faith is a very personal thing.
I know my opinions have an influence on him. I'm just trying to be a
source of help and security to him while he finds answers that make sense
to him, without unduly influencing him to my way of thinking. This must
sound extremely naive but not being religious, it really never occurred
to me he'd have more than passing questions.

Any thoughts?
Deb L

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