Alternate Path is a group for women who have discovered that their husbands or partners are bisexual or gay. If you are seeking support and encouragement in finding alternative options to separating from or divorcing your Bi/Gay husband or partner, we welcome your application. We provide a safe forum for sharing positive discussions and information that will help women cope with discovering they are in a mixed orientation relationship. We share our stories, our perspectives, and experiences.  We want you to know that you are not alone.


This group is for WOMEN ONLY. If you are a male, we cannot approve your  membership.

As a member of Alternate Path, you must have your own separate email address. Women who have a shared email address with their husband or others will be denied, for example,  We encourage you to apply once you set up a separate and private email address. 

If you have an email address that identifies your first and last name, you may want to keep your identity private. You can create an alias or pseudonym together with a new email address for application and use with this online group.  Some of our members have concerns about confidentiality for many reasons both personal and professional.   We cannot guarantee complete privacy.

(Note: In keeping with our goal of providing a positive environment, please keep your email address neutral in tone.  We do not approve applications with such monikers as “ihatemyhusband@” or “mylifeisrotton@”.)

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