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Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my historical/fantasy romance, A Most Unfortunate Prince. This book is the third book in the Royal Desires trilogy that began with A Most Unusual Princess and A Most Intriguing Temptation. Together, they make up a fun series, but each story stands alone as a separate read.
Prince Allan, the hero in A Most Unfortunate Prince was introduced to readers in A Most Intriguing Temptation. (As I wrote the book I quickly discovered that Allan had his own story to tell and needed his own book.)  In A Most Intriguing Temptation we see how Allan has lived a pampered and carefree lifestyle, and fall in love with his wisecracking ways. But all that changes in A Most Unfortunate Prince


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Here’s the summary & an excerpt from:

A Most Unfortunate Prince
This time, it’s all about Allan… and he never expected to fall in love!

Banished by the Royal Family, pampered Prince Allan is forced to abandon his life of luxury. The former Royal Shipmaster General is sent to the worst part of the kingdom and manages to find work at the docks. Lost in a commoner’s world, Allan is miserable—until he has an unusual encounter with a saucy shop girl named Claudette.

Allan must earn the respect of the woman he loves while keeping his true identity a secret. In an effort to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, he exposes a dangerous smuggling operation involving the Royal Fleet. But his loyalty to duty comes with a deadly price.

Can he keep Claudette and his royal title? Or will he lose her forever when she discovers his secret?

The Excerpt:
Why did he feel so nervous? Was it because he was out on a date with Claudette? All through dinner, he’d felt like a fourteen-year-old boy that was left alone with a girl for the first time. That’s how Claudette made him feel—excited and alive. But he had no money, no riches, and no titles to impress her with. He just had himself. Would it be enough?

“Did you forget something?” he asked as Claudette walked behind the counter.

“Yes, these.” She held up a pair of gray wool gloves. “These are for you. They’ll keep your hands warm. You can’t wear your work gloves all the time. They’re not lined, and your hands will freeze. These are thick and—”

The next thing he knew, Claudette wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He dropped the gloves as she entwined her hot tongue with his. What brought this on? He was helpless to resist her ardent kisses, so he gave in. What else could he do but kiss her back?

After a few minutes, she broke the kiss and looked up at him. “You’re not angry with me, are you?”

“No, absolutely not. Just shocked. I didn’t—”

His words were silenced as she kissed him again and pushed him back against the counter.

“I have more kisses for you… if you’d like.” She unbuttoned his coat, stroked his chest, then slid her hands lower.

“Claudette, what—”

“Shh, don’t talk. Hold still and let me.”

“Let you do what?”

“I’m giving you what you wanted,” she whispered as she unbuttoned his breeches....
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