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Jeffrey Taylor

Yes.  The historical story was that the settlers were to write the location on a tree in the even of their removal.  Death by disease or Indian attack is the most probable outcome but native tribes needed replacements due to their own sufferings from disease so ...

I remember the 6th grade focus on history and art also.  I think I was mesmerized by Clio (Kleio) then also.

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You will not believe this but when I was in 6th grade we had to do little term papers and I chose Roanoke settlers.  My teacher asked me why that and I told her … I saw it mentioned in a line in the  text book.  She was impressed.  I’ve been interested ever since I read that line or two. 

Thanks - some of that is quite an update. 

Just because someone wrote Croatoan on a tree does not mean they went with the Croatians.  It could mean the Croatians had attacked and the Roanoke people were leaving because of them. 

I’d read that they’d intermarried and gone to live in __________ (fill in the blank with wherever rumor has it there are blue-eyed natives). 

I think DNA testing is a darned good idea if it doesn’t cause any animosity. 

And I still have the very sad feeling they left the place and then the original settlement and almost all died from battles or from starvation or whatever.


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> I thought this update interesting:
> What happened to the 'vanished' colonists at Roanoke? (


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