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Becky Lindroos

Oh Merilee! Same here. I had such a weird (for me) reaction to this book as well as the Humboldt book. I would have thought no - not for me. (I read history, don’cha know?- lol) And then I got completely engrossed and enjoyed the heck out of both of them, reading them each twice!

The psilocybin chapter was kind of off for me. But the chapters before and after that were wonderful.


On Nov 18, 2021, at 2:17 PM, Merilee Olson <merilee.olson@...> wrote:

I wouldn’t have thought I might have been a perfect reader of this book, but in the later chapters I am kind of feeling TMI. Too wordy. I did love the first few chapters but got bored with all the psilocybin stuff. I think I’ve got two chapters to go. I do like the drawings.

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5. Who is the ideal reader for Entangled Lives and what would his background be? Is the style and organization appropriate to this reader? Is there anyone you’d recommend the book to or actually give it to as a gift?


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