Re: New Puritans

Merilee Olson

Although I think Anne considers herself a conservative, I generally agree with most everything she writes.  She knows a lot about authoritarianism, having lived in Poland with her Polish husband for many years.

On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 5:47 PM Herbert Lewis <herbertlewis@...> wrote:
Thank you for the link, Merilee.  I'm generally an admirer of Anne Applebaum's writing and this article is no exception.  While I consider her conclusions correct I do not believe the anecdotal evidence she offers sufficient to make her case.  In particular, she offers her findings with wide scope but her evidence is almost set in academia.  Nonetheless, what she has written is consistent with a myriad of other articles and books which I have read.  It is quite clear that we're imbedded in a radically intolerant social and employment environment in which due process and practical rule of law are judged unfashionable and out of date.  Most of us just shrug our shoulders until the mob comes after us but by then it's too late.  What's ironic is that this travesty of elemental justice is often done in the name of "social justice."

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