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Merilee Olson

Same here, Bekah🥰

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My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. ((hugs))Jeanne

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Hi all,

I’m a bit tardy lately but I don’t have as much time or the mental energy to read and take part in the list as I used to.  I officially put my mom into Hospice today and although it certainly wasn’t a surprise, it’s seemed sudden and it's been hard.  We were told by the hospice nurse that at this stage it’s usually only a few days. 

My daughter is here and she is very very helpful.   I’ve told my siblings and they’re all sympathetic but I doubt any will be coming although maybe Beth?  (Two sisters came in June.)

A nephew will be coming and my son will be coming (He’s in Ireland on vacation but I’ll tell him on his return - tomorrow.)

I finished Forgetting again and I am reading some other stuff including a reread of Entangled Life bit by bit. (A strange little book.)

Thank you Herbert (!!!) for the recommendation of The Viking Heart -it is soooo well researched and wonderfully well written.  Omg.   And!!! There is stuff in there which rings home personally - like the author’s great grandfather and my great grandfather’s brother were in the same regiment in the Civil War.  (Wisconsin 15th - "the Scandinavians"). Then there’s Decorah, Iowa and more.  I’m even familiar with some of his sources - Theodore Blegen and there’s someone else (?).   I see Jamestown is mentioned too.

 Thank you!!!

“This . . . is much more than a book about Vikings. It is a historical tour de force thatranges over 13 centuries of Scandinavian history, beginning with the seafaring raids of the Vikings in the eighth century and ending with the post-World War II economic successes of the Scandinavian countries.”

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