Re: Despair or hope?

Becky Lindroos

Good point, Jim. We’ve evolved to this point for reasons - usually for better survival I think probably. I don’t know if we could remove things we’ve been evolved to do. We didn’t evolve ourselves - we didn’t choose. (Lol)

We as a species might be able to choose to evolve spiritually (as David suggested) if we as a species focused on it. But the cooperation would have to be there already or the conspiracy-minded folks would get really upset.

Does free will increase if we choose hard things and do them - or are we born with a certain amount? Do we pass a spiritual attribute on to our children through the genes? I personally think yes to all those. But as long as the capitalist impulse is around I think it would get warped and/or be usurped.


On Jul 20, 2021, at 10:25 AM, Jim Harris <> wrote:

I think some people are capable of being much better than the average, but I'm not sure the average will ever be uplifted to those better states. We shouldn't stop trying to evolve society but I don't have much hope. As a species, we're just not cooperative enough. Most people can cooperate if it's in their self-interest, but few people can cooperate selflessly.


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