Re: REL - Q1

Jim Harris

I did not nominate the book, but when I read the reviews of the nominated book I knew I wanted to read Robert E. Lee and Me. It is the perfect book for the moment. I think it illuminates the backlash on critical race theory. Republicans are trying to preserve the history written by the Lost Cause movement, which was developed over the last century. Critical race theory will erase all of it, and I'm for that.

I was born in Ohio, and lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but spent most of my life in the south. As kids, we'd play civil war and I was always a Yankee because I was born in Ohio. I've always identified with the North regarding the civil war. Unlike Ty Seidale, even though I lived in the south, I never admired the Confederacy or the Old South. I grew up mainly in Miami, which isn't very Southern. However, I've lived in Memphis since 1971, so I'm used to knowing people Seidale describes. 

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