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Sandie Kirkland

I grew up and still live in the South so Robert E. Lee was taught as an honorable man in a lost cause. The emphasis on the Civil War was that the South was fighting more for state's rights and that slavery was just another factor not the main reason. This material would probably be sensitive for me. I'm not reading it due to several pressing reading commitments already made but will follow the discussion with interest.


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1. If you nominated or voted for this book, what were your reasons? So far as you’ve got, does it live up to your expectations? Why or why not?

This book deals with the myth of Robert E. Lee and the myth of the South, the Lost Cause. What’s your background in that - most of us went to school in the US, but your understanding might be different if you were raised and educated in South Carolina than if you were in New Hampshire for all that. And experience with the issues outside the US might be completely different. How was it for you? Is this sensitive material for you? (I think maybe it is to a certain extent for at least most of us.)


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