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Jake Vary <xvonline@...>

In the yard in Steelton and down to the bridge across the river and to the new ACR station do you know if any of the switches are remote switched? Up the line at random sidings, say Frater, are those manually switched off the main line? But in Steelton do the engineers or conductors have remote access to those switches (if they have them) or is that dispatch? It's hard to tell on maps if they're hand-thrown or not. Obviously most of the switches in Steelton yard are going to be hand-switched but I though the main ones or lines going through.. I dunno. Curious about this.



Chris VanderHeide

There is no CTC or signalling on the ACR except for the crossings at Franz and Oba.

The only powered switches anywhere on the ACR will be the ones at Oba connecting to the CN main there, which replaced the original diamond.

The switch connecting the international bridge to the ACR is a manual/spring switch.