Upcoming GTE show

nuddffoeg <nuddffoeg@...>

Hi all.

Three of us set up at Hobbytown on Saturday, and had a good time until
Doug's boss called him in to work. Six of us set up at the PCC on
Sunday, and also had a good time. Pictures will be on the web "soon".

Now it's on to the GTE, in just under two weeks. I have the following
who have expressed interest, with their module sizes. Brian H (8'),
Mark (8'), Matt and Marv (10'), Brian E (4'), Bob G (4' or 8'), Mike
(20' yard?), John (7'or whatever it is), Doug (8'), and myself,
filling whatever is needed. Let me know if what's listed is not
accurate, or if I left someone out.

Before I start a layout diagram, there are a few questions.
(1). The two new club corners have some junction capability. If we
used one of them as an inside corner, could we put the yard inside the
layout? This would suck up a lot of space inside the layout, so we
may not want to do it, but some people asked if it was an option.
(2). Do we want Mike to bring the full 20' yard? Last year's layout
was 18' X 29' without it. We can go just a little bit longer, but not
(3). Bob Gatland has volunteered to bring DCC equipment. He and I ran
DCC for several hours at the PCC show. Are other people interested in
DCC for the GTE?

Lastly, we have Saturday afternoon (12:00 to 4:00) available for setup
(although the HO guys are often set up before noon). I'd like to get
as much of the layout set up as possible. I know Mark can't get his
modules there on Saturday. Is there anyone else who can't get there
until Sunday? Also, I'd like to use Saturday as a work session, where
we can touch up the 4' club corners, and finish the new 3' club
corners. If anyone wants to work on other projects, whether it's
something for the group or help with an individual project, toss out
suggestions. If we get most of the layout there, I can bring end
loops and we can run trains too.

So, there are lots of questions. Please answer before Tuesday,
November 27th so I can figure it out by Saturday. I'd prefer
responses to the Geoffdun_at_Capital.Net email address (so I have
everything in one spot).

Good luck to Fred with his hip replacement surgery, and to Wally and
his wife.

Thanks. Geoff.