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Doug Dederick

WE are taking T trak correct ?  If so Rod I do not having any to offer

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As I indicated in my call for modules for GTE earlier this week, we are really hurting for modules for this year’s show.  So far, only Brian, Mike Richards and myself have committed to bringing modules.  At this point, we only have commitments for about 20 modules as compared to the 39 that we displayed at the 2018 GTE.  I know that you indicated earlier this week in your message (below) that it was too early for you to commit to bringing modules to GTE.  However, per my earlier call for modules, James Lauser, GTE coordinator, needs to know ASAP how many tables we need to accommodate the number of T-Trak modules that we will be bringing to this year’s show.  Last year, per the attached diagram, you brought six (6) modules to the show including 2 singles, 2 doubles and 2 junction modules.  I believe you also have other modules available that we couldn’t accommodate last year but that we may be able to use this year.  In this regard, we’re really in need of a yard, and inside and outside corners.  Thanks.




P.S. I also haven’t heard back from Forest, who brought an inside corner & 2 doubles last year; Geoff, 1 inside corner; and Neil 2 doubles.  If I could get a yea or nay response from each of you, it would be appreciated.  I’ve already heard back from Mike Romanowski that he will not be bringing modules to this year’s show (Mike brought 12-ft.. worth of modules


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Geoff ,I plan to bring modules to the Glens falls show. I will bring my double junction module and enough modules to fill an 8’ table. As far as the group on line move, I only am interested in an e-mail function for staying in communication, I don’t do much else online. I cannot see far enough out yet for any commitment for GTE. Mike LaCasse


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Geoff Dunn

The next three shows are all T-Trak.  Glens Falls this Saturday, PCC on 11/23, and GTE on 12/1.