Annual meeting - proposed by-law changes

Geoff Dunn

I would like to propose some changes to the by-laws to be voted on at the annual meeting in a few weeks. The by-laws are in the "files" section of the website. A link is: - the latest by-laws are dated September 2014.
The changes are basically to simplify paying for the site and the website, to acknowledge that we have an alternative to meeting in person and obviously can't do paper ballots, clarifying that the VP takes over if the Prez can't do the job, and updating the references to Yahoo groups, which don't exist anymore.

Paragraph II -
change "Large expenditures (over $100)"
to "A majority of the officers may approve purchases of $200 or less. Expenditures of more than $200"

Paragraph III -
change "Balloting" to "If the meeting is in person, balloting"

Paragraph V -
after the sentence listing the VP's duties, after "as needed", add "act as President if the President is unable to, "

Paragraph VII -
change all instances of "Yahoo group" to " group"

Comments and thoughtful suggestions are welcome.