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Geoff Dunn

Mike, I mentioned the Amsterdam show in a note five or six weeks ago; nobody expressed interest. Rod usually runs the T-Trak layout there, and I've asked him about a status.


On Saturday, March 12, 2022, 05:51:34 PM EST, Michael Romanowski <mmroman@...> wrote:

Thanks Geoff for doing the show.  I received a call from Peter Hansen. He is asking about a layout for the Amsterdam show. Upstate Model Railroaders  cannot be there this year. If you all can do the show, Sunday April 10 th, please contact Peter ASAP at 518 944 9464
This show benefits the ALCO Historical society.

Michael Romanowski
Vice President
Upstate Model Railroaders

On Mar 12, 2022, at 5:12 PM, Geoff Dunn via <geoffdunnsoccer@...> wrote:

I wound up doing the PCC show by myself today.  Two others had planned to join me, but the weather forecast caused a change in plans.  The show organizers actually closed things down at 1:00, citing safety as their reason.  The layout was 10.5 feet long and used my wide corners for the first time.  They worked great; the drawback is lots of space behind the modules, so the bus wires are obvious.  I had trouble getting the Digitrax system to start Loconet, but fortunately I had brought my NCE Powercab and that worked perfectly.  A few pictures are posted in the Photos section of the site - .

The show was reasonably well attended - something over 200 paid (kids are free, normal attendance is pushing 500-ish).  There were definitely kids at the T-Trak layout - it was a non-stop four hours.  Two news cameras were there.  I think channel 10 was there early, and channel six was filming later.  My wife caught a promo "news story" on channel 10 this morning - the link is: .  Click the video link on that page.  It has a clip from last fall's show, which briefly shows Stephen and me at the layout, around 1:27.  If anyone finds links to video of today's show, please post them!