From GTE Chairman

Doug Dederick

Hi all. I'm emailing you all to coordinate access to the cargo lift to get your layouts into the Convention Center for the GTE, if you so choose. If you plan on bringing the sections of your layouts up via the main passenger elevators and then walk them back down to the floor, you can ignore this message.

As all of you will be setting up on the main floor and the lift can only go up once, it's important that you are all ready at about the same time for that. The intention is that the lift will be raised between 10:00 and 10:30 AM on Saturday (the 3rd). Please make sure you (and all of your members) are ready in the load-in area in the P1 parking level by that time.

Please pass this info along to the rest of your members as needed.

Thanks, and see you next week!

-- James Lauser
Chairman, Great Train Extravaganza
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