This is TTrak???!!! - Thinking Outside the A4 Sheet of Paper


Hi Geoff (and all), I totally agree, the Little Rhody Division's TTrak layout is very impressive.This is a link to their webpage where the layout is highlighted. I didn't realize they had a theme for their layout, which they call the Rhone Island and Old Colony RR.

Someone at the Convention told me that Justin's module is normally a part of their TTrak layout when it is at shows, but at the NMRA Convention, one of the contest judges asked to have it pulled out of the modular layout during set up and move it to the Contest room. Which is why you may have missed it. Here is a link on the Division's website with more on his module.

I also saw a separate HO module Justin made called Berg Bahn for the ETE (European Train Enthusiasts) shows. I would guess that Brian H has seen that one in action.

Be well, jh

Geoff Dunn

It is an impressive module. It would be interesting to see operations on it in a layout, assuming the third interface was used.

The T-Trak layout in Newport had a lot of good modules. I don't think I saw this one - I may not have gone into the contest room.



I came across these photos when sorting through things recently. At the Rhone Island NMRA North East Regional Convention a few years ago, I saw this extraordinary TTrak module. The quality of the scenery and formatting are so high, that the Contest Judges pulled it out of the on-site TTrak layout and displayed it as a stunning diorama in the Contest Room. Only when looking close at the ends could I see the ends of Kato track joiners that protrude from every TTrak module.

Justin Maguire, MMR built this TTrak module based on an old prototype that used abandoned interurban rails (you can see the old poles for the power line) in the salt marshes near Providence, RI. The module is 4 or 5 feet long and truly a work of art. Justin has other stuff on line with the Little Rhody Division of the NER, NMRA.

A4 is the metric paper size closest to our 8 1/2 x 11 letter sized sheets. The late Lee Monaco-Fizgerald created the concept for TTrak on an A4 art board at a model Railroad convention in Japan some 20 years ago. There is nothing in Justin's module that makes you think of it as a linear or flat A4 sheet.

Be well,

":John Henry"