Setup at Schoharie Valley Railroad Museum, Saturday, September 18

Geoff Dunn

This came in over the weekend. Is anyone interested?

The Schoharie Valley Railroad Museum is again hosting another model
train show on Saturday September 18, 2021. After last year's very
successful show, we look forward to an even bigger show this year.
We are going to use our bigger Old Mill Building on the museum
complex site (we totally used all the space we had last year in the
Creamery Building}. This venue is all on one floor, just a couple
steps up or use the convenient ramp to the building. We would like
to invite Albany N Track to join us to set up a modular layout. We
have lots of space to accommodate a layout. We will not charge for
Albany N Track to do a set up. Let me know if your group is interested
and would like to participate. Call or email me if there are any


Brian Hilgenberg

  I'm game for the Schoharie and Amsterdam shows as long as the virus doesn't rear its ugly head again.  I got notification that the NYC Historical Society will be holding next years annual convention in Albany in May.  A possibility for another setup?
Brian Hilgenberg